Support Services For Other Photographers

We now offer selected services for both professional and amateur photographers including:

  • Scanning of slides / negatives / prints. We now have a Nikon 4000 professional film scanner and can accomodate both 35mm slides and 35mm print film for scanning. Convert that pile of old slides to the digital age and preserve them!
  • Retouching of your images. We can start with your file or scan either your print or your 35mm film/slide. We can then output either a new file or a completed custom print. We can also convert to color, sepia tone or apply image effects as part of this process.

    Restore old treasured photos, repairing damage and correcting faded colors...

    Correct minor clothing issues...

  • Custom archival inkjet printing up to 13x19 on our Epson 1800 printer using watercolor, luster, glossy or matte papers
  • Web site design & implementation. We can help you through the conceptual design, create your initial pages, obtain your website & domain name, move your work to the site and provide monthly site maintenance for you.
  • Computer consulting and troubleshooting. We can help you figure out how to use your new software or figure out why your computer is "doing crazy stuff all the time!" For those with cable or other high speed network connections to the Internet, we can help you establish an in-home or in-house network to connect all your computers together. We can help you establish virus protection and remove spyware and other unnecessary or troublesome software.
  • Photoshop training. We can provide one-on-one training in the usage of Photoshop. Great for both the newcomer to the digital world as well as the intermediate user.
  • Personal photography classes. We provide individual and very small group classes on the use of your film or digital camera, photographic techniques, printing, how to get started in the digital world and more. Classes are informal and scheduled at your convenience and location of choice - either your home or even an outdoor location for field work!

Computer Services for Small Businesses

Our experience in computer usage extends to both individual personal computers as well as networked systems. We can help extend your single PC to create an office network to share printers and to create file servers. Have users struggling to learn a specific application? We can help with one-on-one training to create more productive workers for the long run.

We also do web site development and can help you establish that first web site or help update one that has grown old and stagnant!

Computer Support for Home Computer Users

Sometimes our home computing needs expand more quickly than our comfort with the tools! We can help you learn to get the most out of your home computer from the software already installed or help identify the missing pieces.

We can also install a wireless network, configure all the computers including the ones for the kids and link them together to provide access to the internet and to share a printer.